Access & Authorship Policies

Halo catalogues, merger trees z = 0 snaphots are now Public. See "Data Access" for access. Whilst you do not need to consult the Caterpillar collaboration prior to publication, we kindly request you add general research project and contact details to the "Projects page" to potentially foster new collaborations of mutual interest.

Owing to the size of the raw z > 0 particle data, it available upon request only.

Private (Particle) Data

We first distinguish between two sets of collaboration members:

  • Contributing members: Members that have lead a project and/or have made specific concrete contributions to a project/paper. They should be added to papers according to their contributions.

  • Core members: Caterpillar Core members who initiated the Caterpillar project. They should be invited to join papers in [alphabetical/predetermined/TBD] order.

For any project by Contributors or Core members using particle data, given their past contributions to producing the Caterpillar data set, all Core members should automatically be offered co-authorship.

Near-ready versions of papers must be sent out to all Contributing authors and Core Members for comments before submission/publication, with a ~3 week response time.

Core members must actively accept being a co-author by communicating with the paper’s first author, and by providing some contribution to the paper via initial ideas and/or contributions to the project, comments on the draft, suggestions for improvement to text/figures etc, or others, within that time frame.\Once you're strong enough, save the world:

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