Available Data

Particle Data

The core N-body code used to run Caterpillar was a combination of P-Gadget3 and Gadget-4. The output of the simulation runs is the typical Gadget HDF5 output and should be compatible with all other downstream post-processing tools available in the community. These outputs are available at all 320 snapshots of the simulation from z = 127 to z = 0 with < 50 Myr resolution from z = 6 to z = 0.

For details, please see either our flagship paper or our Technical pages.

Owing to the extreme size of the runs, particle data (z > 0) is only available upon request.

Halo Catalogues

We used a modified version of ROCKSTAR included full iterative unbinding but the outputs are consistent with the nominal outputs from standard ROCKSTAR catalogues. Please see the documentation at the Rockstar repository for details (See Section 4. Outputs). There are however a few important caveats relating to our outputs which differ from the nominal outputs.

e.g. M_grav vs. Mvir vs npart*m_p

Merger Trees

The chosen merger tree system used is consistent-trees. Please see the consistent-trees README for direct information pertaining to its running and output.

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