Getting Started

  • Read the cluster information.
  • Keep in mind: (our group box) is where you want to do your analysis, access data etc. and is the login node for the cluster for the whole Institute. Remember: analysis = bigbang, jobs = antares! See Compute Cluster Information in the sidebar for more detail on these two machines and how the data is actually distributed.
  • Get our modules from the Caterpillar Project github page. These include the following two critical libraries:

You can obtain them in the following way (ensure you are in the directory you want them to be placed):

> git clone

(sorry we dont have any support for IDL or Matlab at this time - please share any you develop!)

  • Add the following to your .cshrc file.
setenv PYTHONPATH /path/to/modules:$PYTHONPATH
  • Install the Anaconda python distribution and be sure to run conda update periodically. You can also
  • You will also need asciitable, h5py and pandas to make full use of our module package. You can install some of these packages with Anaconda by > conda install pandas, for example. If that fails, simply do > pip install pandas etc. to install each of these. When you open ipython, you should be able to import each of these - please make sure you can before importing the modules!

You’re now ready to roll!