Current Status

The Caterpillar Project is currently in a semi-public state (see below for detail). Halo catalogues and merger trees are available to the public but the particle data still requires access via contacting one of the core team members.

The primary N-body runs have been complete and only a very small fraction of halos require postprocessing (i.e. halo catalogues and merger trees generated). Various groups are now engaged in essentially leveraging these datasets for their own projects. See the Current Projects section below for more information.

Data Availability

The release of the Caterpillar data products will follow a three phase process:

Phase I (private): All aspects of the data are privately held by the core collaborators.

Phase II (semi-public): Halo catalogues and merger trees are public. Access and publication policies are in effect.

Phase III (fully public): All data is public, all-for-one and one-for-all.

We are currently in Phase II.

Current Projects

Simulation Runs

This is updated periodically from Some runs are on Hydra or Stampede which won’t have been updated here unless they have been copied to

The color code is as follows (and only pertains to the LX14 runs):

  • blue: running on Hydra
  • yellow: running on Comet
  • green: running at Antares
  • cyan: running on Odyssey
  • magenta: running on Stampede
  • red: some level of contamination
  • black: nothing of this halo is being run